Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lefty's Chicago Pizza, Mission Hills, San Diego, CA

There are certain days it is required by all Americans to stop and recognize just what makes this nation great. For the more patriotic this could be Veteran’s Day, for those who focus on ethnic diversity it could be Martin Luther King Day. Some bask in the historical and turn to Thanksgiving, while the less secular of us might prefer Christmas or Hanukkah. Now far be it from me to take away from these and other great days in our country's history, but there is one day that I believe truly expresses the beauty and diversity of this our United States of America, and that day is January 23… National Pie Day.
It was Saturday January 23, 2010, night had just decended and, how should I put this gently, I was tired and irritated at the world and everyone in it. I had just moved to San Diego and I was hot, sweaty, and most importantly hungry. I considered the various options to feed me, and the good friends who had taken the time to help me deliver the many items that would make up my new home. Chinese food felt too light, Italian too heavy, and steak too expensive. Then it hit me, Lefty’s.
There are two locations for Lefty’s Chicago Pizza, I attended the Mission Hills location, a slightly more spacious eatery, or so I’ve been told, than the original in North Park. My girlfriend had called ahead so when we only had to wait about eight minutes or so for a table for eight. We had also ordered two of their stuffed pizzas, of which you can have stuffed with any topping on the menu. Considering my friends more carnivorous nature I got one sausage and one pepperoni, sans salad. It takes about an hour for them to cook these monstrosities of bread, cheese, and meat, but they are well worth the wait. Each bite is filled with a meaty, cheesy burst of flavor, somehow achieving a perfect balance of flavors, despite the amount of meat stuffed into it.
A quick consensus afterwards showed that the majority of people favored the pepperoni. That and that either pizza could have easily been used as a trampoline for a small child, thirteen months to two years old. Sitting in the hardwood booth, savoring the taste of the closest I’ve ever come to authentic Chicago style pizza, I looked around at my friends, the overabundance of Chicago memorabilia, and my beautiful girlfriend, and I thought to myself, “This is the best National Pie Day ever.”

Special Thanks to my friends for helping me move, and to the great people at Lefty’s Chicago Pizza for the pies.

Lefty’s Chicago Pizza
North Park
3448 30th Street
Mondays - Closed
12 PM to 10 PM
Sunday to 9 PM

4030 Goldfinch
Mondays - Closed
11 AM to 10 PM
Sunday to 9 PM