Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Las Cuatro Milpas, Barrio Logan, San Diego, California

You will notice there is only one picture in this blog.  That is because there only needs to be one picture.  You are looking at five rolled tacos (okay I might have eaten one) covered in cheese, crema (not sour cream), filled with the best tasting pork you will ever eat (I added diced onions to mine).  This is not your average burnt piece of carnita, those have their place but not here.  These are more like steamed chunks of meat.  You can taste the hours that went into their production, though not for long.  These chunks of pork will last just long enough for you to cram them into your mouth.  The price for these, you ask, one dollar each, and that is a steal.

But I am jumping ahead.  A friend of mine was coming down to visit and suggested a certain Luchador themed restaurant that will not be named.  I noted that while the place certainly has flare it was lacking in flavor, and I was speaking specifically of their food.  Instead I remembered a happier time three years ago when my co-worker would get a nod from the boss to go out and bring back food from a place only spoken of in a whisper, Las Cuatros Milpas.  They would arrive back an hour later with some of the best pork I'd ever put into my mouth.  Ah, those were the days.

So we decided to meet up at Las Cuatros Milpas, and after searching around the area I snagged a parking spot a block away.  Barrio Logan is not the easiest place to park in general, but finding a parking spot in front of this place is nearly impossible.  The first thing you see is a line of people coming out the front door.  The people span the rainbow of skin colors and ethnicities, but what they do have in common is a love of great Mexican food.

Entering the front door you see two older Mexican ladies working behind the counter dropping rolled tacos into a big, wide bowl filled with oil.  At the same time they are shoveling in pieces of meat into small greasy corn tortillas.  The operation is simple:  grab food, quickly prep, drop on plate, and pay.  The whole operation takes a minute or so.  You can ask a question, but make it fast as there are a lot of hungry people behind you.  The best part, as far as I can tell there is only one type of meat, pork.  No confusion or questions, just let me have that.  There are other foods there.  The beans and rice are pretty good.  On Saturdays they have menudo.  But what people go there for is the pork, and most people go for the rolled tacos, lots of people, pretty much every day of the week (except Sunday, they are closed Sunday).

There is only one picture in this blog.  What you are not seeing are the women behind the counter hard at work putting a meal together.  What you do not see are the other women further on in the restaurant working with large industrial sized machines making all the food from scratch.  What you do not see are the smiling faces, full stomachs, and sighs of contentment from the people who have just finished their food, or their grimace as they realize they will have to get back in line to get more.  There is only one picture in this this blog, and it is the only picture you need to see.

Las Cuatros Milpas
1875 Loan Ave
San Diego, CA 92113