Monday, April 22, 2013

Big Kahuna's, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

Big Kahuna Cheese Balls, so good almost forgot to take a picture.
I rarely go to a restaurant based on advertisement or publicity.  For me it is all about taste.  Well there was one place that had this pop up where they had a slow jazz song about their chocolate cake, but that is the exception rather than the rule.  Let's say I rarely go to a restaurant based on publicity, but I guess I had to make a an exception this once.  After all if Samuel L. Jackson says "Mmmm-mmmm, that is a tasty burger" in Pulp Fiction, well I've got to give it a try myself.  Which is how I found myself stepping into Big Kahuna's.  (Disclaimer: It isn't really the same place as in the movie, but that didn't stop them from putting a sound bite from it into their web page.)

Basket of Fries

It was Sunday a little before noon and I was feeling the need for something simple but tasty.  The wife and I had been to Big Kahuna's once before.  I'd been looking for something a little more authentic Hawaiian and was really not impressed by what they had served me, but I wanted to give this place a second chance.  I decided I'd go with something they were known for this time, their burgers.  We were greeted warmly and told to take a seat anywhere.  We chose a seat near a window and started parusing the menu.  I already knew what I wanted but after looking through the menu I thought we'd try an order of Big Kahuna's Balls too.  I wasn't too impressed with the name but anything with garlic, butter and cheese baked onto it can't be all bad.

Big Kahuna Burger

The balls came out first and on my first bite I knew I was going to love them.  We only ordered six of them but despite not being that hungry I had to stop myself from finishing them all off before our burgers came out.  I was amazed these little balls of dough packed such amazing flavor.  As I was finishing off my third ball our burger's came out.  I had opted for the Big Kahuna Burger.  It was a one and a half pound burger with Monterey Jack, Chedder Cheese, tommato, red onions, cabbage (which was a nice change from lettuce), Mayo, Ketchup, and Mustard.  Despite the size I wouldn't say it was the biggest burger in town (as noted on their website), but it was no small fry either.  In addtion I ordered fries and they brought out a large basket of them, more than enough for my wife and I to share.  The first bite of my burger completely redeemed Big Kahuna's for me.  The burger was cooked perfectly to order, the ingredients were fresh, and it was full of flavor.  The soft toasted bun is what pushed it over from very good to great for me.  My wife ordered the Teriyaki Pineapple Burger.  I managed to snag a bite and found it to be one of the better Terryiaki burgers I've had.  Again, a good melody of flavors, and none of that cloying Terryiaki aftertaste that keeps me away from those types of burgers.

I was pleasantly surprised on my second trip to Big Kahuna's.  The next time I feel the need for a quiet, well relatively quiet, restaurant to enjoy one "tasty burger" Big Kahuna's will definetly be at the top of the list.

Big Kahuna's
3780 Ingraham Street
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 270-9200