Monday, July 13, 2015

Nano 108, Colorado Springs, CO

I am not a big drinker, though I do appreciate good alcohol.  As with all people in my youth a certain percentage of my time was spent attempting to drink in order to get drunk.  While this resulted in numerous interesting stories (of which I shall not go into detail at this time as I wish to retain some semblance of dignity), it did not provide me with a wide expanse of knowledge concerning what I loving refer to as "Booze."  As I have gotten older though I have taken a liking to the enjoyment, yes the actual taste, of alcohol in its many forms.

My go to has always been whisky, preferably aged and of Irish descent, strait.  Following that I will enjoy a good mixed drink.  Give me a Dark and Stormy, or a 77 with a twist (my mother of all people got me into this drink) and I am content.  It wasn't until I was married that my wife, and my father-in-law, showed me the finer aspects of beer as a beverage.  It is from my wife that I have found a love of Hefeweizens, or wheat beers, and blonds.  From my father-in-law I have sampled a variety of darker Mexican beers that have grown on me over time.  Perhaps it was San Diego, for upon moving there people would come out of the wood work to speak of and offer different flavors of beer.  Many popular brands I found I disliked (I'm still looking for a decent IPA), and some supposedly low class beers I found to enjoy immensely (a cold Budwiser is amazing after a night of dancing).  After moving to Colorado I held little hope of rediscovering the love I'd found for beer in San Diego, then I happened upon a little brewery named Nano 108.

I chanced upon it while out on a run, marked the spot in my mind, and came back later with my wife.  Down a long road just off a main street/highway and stuck between a strip mall and an industrial area the first thing you notice before you even see the sign for the brewery is an old derelict truck out front with a large sign stating "BEER", which for some reason made me smile.  Moving toward the front of the establishment is a sign hanging above it with the name.  There is an outdoor patio area with simplistic wooden chairs and tables, and then a door into a metal faced wall.  Not very inviting at first glance, never the less my wife and I entered the brewery.

The inside of Nano 108 is small but warm and welcoming.  There are a few tables in front of the bar, and a few off to the side.  When we entered the side tables were packed but there was room up at the bar.  We were quickly met with an easy going and patient bartender whose name I cannot remember at this moment, much to my loss.  Between checking on a delivery, serving beer, and talking to regulars he was what I pictured the ideal bartender to be.  This being our first time there my wife and I got a small flight, just four beers to taste.  We settled on: an Orange Wheat beer, a Hefeweizen, a Dunkelnweizen (not sure I spelled that right, but it is a dark version of a Hefeweizen), and a stout that caught my eye as it had some agave in it, and I love that stuff.

Here are my own impressions of the beer, and keep in mind that I am not a Cicerone (the beer equivalent of a wine expert).  The Orange Wheat beer was great, almost as good as the Hefeweizen for me, it fell in the same fruity vein in which I like my beer.  The Hefeweizen was my base, and I have to say Nano 108 made a pretty good one.  I especially liked that while there were notes of fruit it didn't overpower the beer with it.  The stout with agave was good but a little too stiff for my taste, my wife liked that one.  My favorite was the Dunkelweizen, which had all the slight fruit taste of the Hefeweizen but paired with a headier flavor that reminded me slightly of the Mexican beers I love.

As we drank our flight the bartender chatted us up between other duties.  He told us a bit about the brewery, and the one thing that got me was the pride he took in the beer.  He spoke to us of the owner, and the beers.  He even mentioned that if a batch didn't come out right they would dump the whole thing (which thankfully had only happened once that year).  There is something about an establishment that takes pride in what they serve to people that just elevates it in my eyes.  I would have liked to stay a bit longer and have a glass of the Dunkelweizen but my wife and I had other things to do that day.  Still I plan on coming back to Nano 108 in the near future, if not for the beer (which is amazing), then for the atmosphere.

And that completes probably my one and only brewery review.  For those of you who came to this site for the food there are food trucks that are scheduled to appear throughout the entire week.  So come on down to Nano 108 for a bite to eat and brew, you will not be disappointing.

Nano 108
2402 Waynoka Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80915