Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rockin Crepes, Huntington Beach, CA

So I just turned... a year older, and I wanted to do something special for my birthday, but I wanted it to be different from the usual birthday feast that accompany me and my friends' passing of one more year. You see my friends birthdays are almost always an excuse to eat massive amounts of food. Good food, always good food, but I'm just waiting for, well one of them in particular to ask us all to go over to Home Town Buffet and eat until we pass out. Yeah, you know who you are. After years of eating mounds of beef at Korean BBQ's (calculating how many plates of meat you would have to eat to make up for how much you paid), or Dim Sum (stick to stuff you recognize, or bring along a native speaker), or Southern BBQ (of which I tend to gnaw on the bones afterwards, but that's another review), I wanted to go somewhere with an air of class, sophistication, where flavor and texture was valued over quantity, but not so nice or they wouldn't let me or my friends in. I finally settled on a little place a few blocks away from the Huntington Beach, Rockin Crepes.

We arrived around two, my girlfriend and a few close friends of mine, to a strip mall off Atlanta Ave. We strolled into a dimly lit room with a long row of tables each emblazoned with a different Metal or Hair Band. I was surprised to realize that I recognized most of them. From Anthrax to Aerosmith each table was a homage to the wild 70's, 80's and 90's of Metal. Every conceivable image of the band from concert pictures to guest appearances on the Simpsons was used. My friends and I went towards the back and choose the Metallica table. I think my seat may have been decorated with the Master of Puppets album cover, but at that point I was starving looking forward to the food too much to give it a second glance. As the waitress took our orders I looked round at the walls, a garish blend of black and orange paint with speaker box designs and rockesque sayings, I'll let your imagination take it from there. I looked around and I thought "This color scheme in here should be making me sick to my stomach, but it isn't". The design actually worked towards adding a much needed bit of grunge to the place, which was somewhat difficult in that nice a section of Orange County.

Finally, I pulled out a menu and was assaulted by a parade of sweet and savory crepes with names such as Alice Cooper and Def Leppard, followed by a brief description, and then a lyric, “Schools Out!”, and, “Pour some sugar on me!” Behind that they listed the amount of calories for each item, a strange addition considering the theme, but I guess even rock stars have to watch their weight. After spending way too much time reading the menu I finally settled on the Motorhead, partly beause I had that song in my head, The Ace of Spades, and partly because it had Cholula. My girlfriend got the Van Halen, and to be honest I forgot just what my friends got. I believe one of them got the Soundgarden (the one band I personally question being on the menu), and someone got a ZZ Top with a smoothie. I’m pretty positive it was The Randy Rhodes, and I’ll be honest I have no idea who that is. Finally my sister got a Cinderella. I won’t list the ingredients, just go to their web page, it is worth it to read the descriptions of the food if only for interesting use of lyrics in their description.

It was a bit of a wait, but not bad considering they had to make five crepes. The finished product was exactly what I had been expecting. Each crepe was well made, and had a light drizzle of sauce on the top. The insides were warm, fresh, and filling. Which was pretty amazing considering the highest calorie count for the crepes on the table was 395. That was mine of course. Not that I count calories, but getting something really tasty and filling while not eating a ton of food kept that warm feeling in my belly from spreading to my heart. The only sour note was my girlfriends Van Halen, the chicken in it was a bit dry. So the next time we will get what we got the first time we were there, The Pantera. It is the equivalent of a pepperoni pizza crepe, and it is even better than it sounds. The rest of us enjoyed our food so much we ended up splitting two desert crepes, The White Zombie, and the Iron Maiden. Both delicious, though not as good as the savory crepes, and both gone pretty quickly. Satisfied with our food, we stumbled out the front door, ready to Rock and Roll that night, or at least party for the rest of the day.

Rockin Crepes

8943 Atlantic Ave.

Huntington Beach, CA 92646