Monday, March 2, 2015

The Huddle, Mission Hills, San Diego, California

When people say Mission Hills down here in San Diego, they think classy houses and rich people, but buried right off Washington is a little hole in the wall diner.  I actually discovered it by accident when I first made the long drive down to court my wife (wow that sounds old, like I had to offer her father a couple of oxen for her hand in marriage).  Here is my little review of one of the best little places to grab a quick bite in Mission Hills, the Huddle.

Never has the term hole in the wall been more apply applied.  Across the street from Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria , and a few doors down from Brooklyn Girl, is a small glass window next to a small door with a metal screen.  Surrounded by expensive eateries you had to wonder what this place was doing here, but once you taste the food you'll realize that every city needs a Huddle.

The first time we, my wife and I, had gone to the Huddle was when we were taking her ring back to be re-sized.  I had gotten up early for a long run and was starving at this point.  Not wanting to hunt down a fancy restaurant after dropping off the ring we stopped in my wife's old neighborhood, actually a few blocks down from it.  We considered grabbing some pizza but Lefty's wasn't going to open for at least an hour.  Instead we made our way into the Huddle.

Once inside we were greeted with a smile by a giant of a man who I believe was the owner, or at least the manager.  With a big smile he pointed us to a table.  We quickly met our server, and feeling the need to gorge I ordered a Chili Omelette with a side of hash browns and an English Muffin.  My wife got a cheese omelette, country potatoes, and wheat toast.  Then we sat back and examined the decor in more detail as we waited for our food.

Quaint would be a nice way of putting it.  The interior reminded me of the a home converted into a greasy spoon.  Wallpaper covered one wall, and behind the counter stood a large refrigerator that looked like it had been around since the early 50's.  To the right of it was a large flat grill where everything from flapjacks to burgers, to my omelette was produced.  Against the far wall was a single bathroom, and a good two feet away from that door was what appeared to be the pantry.

Our food arrived in less than 15 minutes, and this was on a busy Saturday morning.  The chili was placed in a small container to the left of my omelette which was a bit of a surprise but after distributing it evenly between my eggs and the hash browns I proceeded to wolf it down without a second thought.  Everything I had ordered was delicious and comforting in a way that only the best greasy spoon can deliver.  I even managed to snag a little of my wife's toast and gave their in-house perseveres a try, strawberry, apple, and marmalade.  They were so good that I bought a jar of the marmalade for my dad as he has a weakness for it.

Our waitress and the owner were polite and attentive.  The food was hot and fresh.  The environment was welcoming.  Overall I highly recommend giving this place a chance.  Also if you do go, and have a hankering for something sweet I'd ask for the Shake of the Month.  They made me one of the best chocolate and peanut butter milkshakes I've ever had.

The Huddle
4023 Goldfinch Street
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 291-5950