Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Farm House Cafe, University Heights, San Diego, CA

If you haven't guessed by now I don't usually have relaxing Sunday mornings very often, but I'm trying to change that.  So when a friend at work told me about a little place down the way from Adam's Avenue Grill that I just had to try, I did.  Which is how my wife and I ended up at the lovely Farm House Cafe sipping creative mimosas and having one of our best breakfasts experiences ever.

As usual it wasn't so much of a plan to go there as a recollection of a recommendation and just enough energy to drag myself and my wife out of bed.  We arrived relatively early for a Sunday, around 9:30 or 10 and snagged some seats outside.  The wait staff was super friendly, and after a bit of morning banter I threw caution to the wind and ordered a mimosa.  Never have I understood the appeal of ruining perfectly good or bad champagne with O.J., or vice versa, I was happy to see there were other options on the menu.  I settled on an amazing concoction with cucumber, basil, and champagne.  It was the perfect blend of flavors.  It had been forever since I'd had cucumber juice, and the basil added the right amount of complexity to my drink.  My wife ordered a similar concoction but hers came with a somewhat fruitier peach strawberry combination.  Still good but we both agreed that the cucumber/basil was the way to go.

A little after we had gotten our mimosas I was feeling pleasantly relaxed we ordered brunch.  I decided to get an omlet, which came with braised beef and red pepper puree, as well as a blue cheese Bechamel (a blue cheese cream sauce) Grilled Cheese.  My wife ordered the Frnech Toast, petit, so only three slices with a side of bacon, also three slices.  The my wife and I sipped our mimosas and pretended we were in France overlooking the Rein, complete with my feeble attempts at a French accent.  Hey, you can do what you want during your Sunday brunch, my wife and I will do what we want.

A short time later our food came out.  At first glance my omlet was not what I had been expecting.  It was more of a hodgepodge of egg and meat, next to a beautiful looking piece of crusted bread.  Then I took a bite.  It was one of the best things I've ever put into my mouth.  Even the meat, which I usually say I could make at home, well I probably could but I didn't and it tasted amazing.  The "omelet" was cooked to my favorite consistency of not overdone, and there was a delicious sauce you can barely see in the picture that added amazing flavor to everything.  The grilled cheese, at which I had been hesitant as I was not a die hard blue cheese fan, blew my mind.  It worked perfectly with the omelet.  By the time I was done I was sopping up the sauce with the remnants of the bread, and I had to resist the urge to lick the plate clean.

My wife said her dish was amazing as well, though a bit smaller than she expected.  I managed to snag a bite, small bite, of the French Toast and bacon.  The French Toast was sweet, but not too sweet.  The bacon had been cooked prefectly, not too crispy but not too limp either, though it wasn't the best I've ever had.  Just good filling bacon, and a good filling meal.  My wife took a bite of my food, and said I had won this round on what to order.

So we finished our meal, but I was feeling like I just needed a little more.  So we splurged on the selection of chocolates.  Apparently the Farm House Cafe has an in-house choclateer.  As you can see in the picture I couldn't wait for my wife to snap a pic before I tried one.  The chocolates ranged from white to dark, and the dark had a variety of flavors.  The most memorable, surprisingly, was a mint flavored dark chocolate, and it was so amazing because they used real mint, not some mint infused cream to flavor it.  If you are going I highly recommend you get some of their chocolate if it is available.

So with a smile on our faces, not to meniton a bit of chocolate at the corner of mine.  My wife and I left the Farm House Cafe.  Already planning the next time we would come back, and I promising not to speak in my terrible French accent.  Adieu.

Farm House Cafe
2121 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 269-9662