Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Main Street Waffle, Huntington Beach, CA UPDATE (Now Closed)

So what's the first thing you eat after getting out of the dentist?  When I was a kid I remember my mom would take my sister and I to a little bakery around the corner from the dentist where she would buy us each a cookie.  Of course this was back when you had to wait a good 30 minutes after leaving the dentist to eat anything.  In addition to that  the cookies weren't all that great.  Dry, and bit overly sugary if I remember correctly.  I always got a chocolate chip cookie, but it tasted a bit more like a sugar cookie someone had put food coloring in to look like a chocolate chip cookie.  Still to this day I always feel the need for something sweet after I get out of the dentist's office.

Fast forward many years later and I still am lucky enough to have the same amazing dentist that works Saturdays, only he's moved locations.  "Hurray" was my first thought, as that meant I would no longer have to eat disgusting overly sugary chocolate chip cookies, but what would I have after sitting in a chair and having my teeth worked on for a good half hour to an hour.  Taking a little walk while my wife was getting her teeth cleaned I crossed the street and found myself wandering through a strip mall.  It was there that I found what I was looking for, something sweet but filling, and bit more grown up tasting.  That is how I found myself over at Main Street Waffle in Huntington Beach.

Now the idea isn't new.  Waffles are the new bread, and can put a nice twist on quite a few traditional sandwich combinations.  I'd had one or two before coming here.  The last time being a bit over the top in my opinion (giant chunk of chicken on top of egg on top of ham on top...).  I wasn't expecting anything amazing, but I was hoping for good, just a good waffle sandwich.  So my wife joins me and after taking a quick look at the menu I grab the special, your basic chicken and waffle sandwich, and my wife got the breakfast waffle sandwich.

After ordering at the counter my wife and I take a look around the place.  It's nice, clean, and the atmosphere is relaxed.  The servers are quick to grab me some ice so I don't have to wait for the archaic drink dispenser to deliver it.  My wife and I grab a seat in the middle of the room and chat while we wait.  I don't think ten minutes passed before our food was served.

I was delighted to see a more normal sized piece of chicken between the waffles.  The chicken wasn't anything to write home about but it was definitely good, not over-seasoned, and cooked perfectly.  On top of the chicken was a medley of pinkish cabbage that went well with the chicken.  On the side was a small container of chipotle mayo, and it was the best thing, better than syrup, that you could put in my sandwich.  The waffles weren't anything special but they were cooked just long enough to be sturdy but not rigid.  By themselves the ingredients to my waffle sandwich were not all that great, but together, with dash of chipotle mayo, everything worked.

I, of course, stole a bite of my wife's breakfast waffle sandwich and it was exactly what I was expecting, breakfast you can eat with your hands.  Unlike my sandwich it needed a bit of syrup to bring out its full potential, but again it seemed spot on as far as waffle sandwiches go.

While it won't win any awards Main Street Waffle has a decent staff with good, filling food.  I'd go there again if only to try a few of the other sandwiches.